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The Un-Hidden Agenda for World Government by way of 9/11 and Imperial Mobilization

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

The Capitalist Conspiracy An Inside View of International Banking by G. Edward Griffin

The Secret of Oz - New Documentary on Money as Debt by Bill Still

The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America by Bill Still

Money As Debt by Paul Grignon

Money As Debt-II Promises Unleashed by Paul Grignon

The Hidden Agenda of Tax Exempt Foundations for World Government -Norman Dodd interviewed by G. Edward Griffin

Anthony C. Sutton Interview

Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press - 1984 Yuri Bezmenov Interview by G. Edward Griffin

The Gig Is Up: Money, the Federal Reserve and You. Presentation by Gary Fielder at Wolfe Hall at The University of Colorado School of Law, on December 4, 2008

See: Zahir Ebrahim's critical letters to monetary reform advocates - are they all really so kosher themselves?

See: Monetary Reform Bibliography - A self-study guide for uncovering the agendas behind the economics gibberish

See: The Monetary Conspiracy For World Government

See: Anatomy of Conspiracy Theory

See: A Note on the Mighty Wurlitzer - Anatomy of Modern Propaganda Techniques

Who Makes US Government Policies By Way of Open Recommendations Which Are Subsequently Implemented By The Same Persons Holding Office?

Let Zbigniew Brzezinski and Hillary Clinton Answer that Question!

CFR - A Conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton July 15, 2009  Also at

Now Click Here to Read What They Have Openly Stated About World Order!

And watch Global Governance being ushered in

But wait: 'Don't confuse us with facts; our minds are made up!'

While idiots 'United We Stand', the thoughtful observe the real godheads of hegemony, those who fund these private foundations from their magnificent unaccountable gains on the public's debt, in full action:

And these very people using the controlled demolition of 9/11 transformed America into a Police State while the idiots stupidly cheered 'United We Stand' against Islamofascism

Also See: Tutorial: The Un-Hidden Agenda for World Government by way of 911 and Imperial Mobilization

Also See: Tutorial: The Brilliant Construction of World Order – Or a children's bedtime story

Also See: Tutorial: The Hegelian Dialectics of Deception Today's Focus: Anatomy of Modern Lies, Senseless Warfare, Merchants of Death

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